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Diaspo App

Powered by our white-label digital wallet, {Diaspo} brings a social dimension to the electronic money landscape. We let you top up compliant and secure virtual wallets from popular payment gateways and mobile money platforms. And thanks to our robust and deep integration to multiple wallet platforms, you can easily move and cash out your money everywhere around the globe at a very competitive cost.

Customer: The Diaspo apps are available for clients and were designed to meet the needs of the diaspora community all around the world. We have particularly focused on Diaspo’s features, which gives us a competitive edge over other e-wallets. To begin with, the apps are integrated with peer-to-peer lending, investing in crowdfunding, raising funds, and enabling tontine. 

Regular Reports:On the Diaspo apps  customers will get regular income and expense reports. In addition, the app delivers regular analysis to help customers with budget planning. 

Quick Setup: The apps are designed with user-friendly features to remove any barriers for your customers  and deliver a great user experience. the app allows simple and quick self-registration, connecting  various bank accounts, virtual cards, and credit cards. In addition, the customers can enjoy discounts, coupons, and rewards on their accounts from different brands to offer better value. 

Multiple Accounts: Given the unique needs of our clients, NBK has added the feature of multiple accounts in the Diaspo apps. These accounts empower the users to trade and transact different currencies. 

Quick Transactions:As a company, you would know that your customers are looking for efficient services, and NBK has focused on improving efficiency. With this, the Diaspo apps are integrated with QR code scanning to deliver instant payments and rapid money transfers.